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300% More Sustainable

Do Not Break or Leak

Compact • Collapsible • Cost Effective • Convenient • Durable • BPA Free

smart bottle for camping
smart bottle for camping photo
smart bottle for camping photo


The only double wall flexible container designed for rugged, heavy use.

• Ideal for camping, emergency home supplies, automobile travel kit, picnics, large gatherings, sporting events.

• Double wall construction (14-mil).

• Grommets for securing or suspending.

• Cut and puncture resistance.

• Extra wide seals insure a strong, leak proof container.

• Compact when empty—folds easily for storage.

• Stands upright when partially full—no outer support needed.

• Two integrated handles with soft flaps for easy carrying and pouring.

• BPA free.

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Perfect Solution For:


Commercial packaging

Emergency transport

Sporting events

Food courts


Survival kits




What makes it unique . . .

• Constructed of 2-layers of heavy duty film

• Cut and puncture resistance

• Extra wide seals insure a strong, leak proof container

• The only flexible containers with double wall construction

• Compact when empty –folds easily for storage

• Uses less material and is lighter than rigid bottles of similar size

• Unique spouts for different applications with filtration filters

• Stands upright when partially full–no outer support needed

• Integral handles for easy carry and dispensing

• Grommets for securing or hanging

Purchase a SMART BOTTLE® for your next camping trip, or for emergency home supplies, automobile travel kit, picnics, large gatherings or sporting events.

Heavy duty construction

The heavy duty, double wall construction maintains its integrity under conditons where many other containers would fail. We tested Smart Bottles in a drop test from various heights. The 1-gal survived a 15 ft drop, the 2-1/2 gal a 10 ft drop and the 5-gal a 7 ft drop.

smart bottle puncture test photo

Puncture resistant

smart bottle example photo

Controlled pouring

smart bottle example photo

Compact for storage

smart bottle example photo

2-styles of spouts available


smart bottle example photo

Remains upright

smart bottle example photo

Lay flat for

easy dispensing

smart bottle example photo

One person carry

smart bottle example photo

Two person carry

smart bottle example photo

Tethered spout prevents loss

smart bottle example photo

Grommets for hanging

(straps not included)

smart bottle example photo

Ideal for water filtration in the field using two Smart Bottles with Tubing Spouts and an inline filtration filter (filter and straps not included; bottles sold individually)

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