Smart Bottle vs HDPE

Size does matter

The unique properties of the Smart Bottle combine to create one of the most efficient containers available today.

Huge savings in shipping, storage and disposal are realized when comparing the Smart bottle to conventional HDPE containers. This also makes recycling much easier when using Smart Bottles.

When comparing a 1-gallon HDPE bottle with this 1-gallon Smart Bottle, you can accommodate 39% more product on a store shelf, in the warehouse and in the truck due to the Smart Bottles configuration.

Save on shipping — Save on storage — Save on disposal

Example (1)
12 empty 1-gallon Smart Bottles
packaged in this 8”x8”x8” shipping
container compared to 12 empty 1-gallon
HDPE jugs.

Example (2)
Identical box holds 24 empty, 1-gallon
Smart Bottles yet can only accommodate
3 empty, 1-gallon HDPE jugs.

Example (3)
Cost of shipping is $30.45 vs $7.17

All Smart Bottles are BPA FREE