Smart Bottle II

The SMART BOTTLE™ II is blow molded from a SMART BOTTLE I preform. In a direct comparison it weighs 50% less than PET or HDPE rigid bottles. This translates into substantial cost savings in material, shipping and storage.

It’s an easy-to-squeeze bottle that is perfect for foods and many household products. It has applications for a lightweight spray bottle.

The SMART BOTTLE II is the label and bottle in one unit. Compare this to a PET bottle that has two separate components–a label and a bottle. This makes the SMART BOTTLE II more sustainable and saves on production costs.

All Smart Bottles are BPA FREE

PET bottle (left) has two components–a label
and a bottle whereas the SMART BOTTLE II printing and bottle are one component.

Substantial savings in weight when comparing the
SMART BOTTLE II and a PET bottle.