Smart Bottle I


The SMART BOTTLE™ I is manufactured from flexible films. It uses flat, sturdy seals on the corners to provide rigidity which maintains the shape of the container. This configuration offers packaging that ships flat before fulfillment and reduces the disposal footprint when its contents are depleted.

Versatile – Strong

SMART BOTTLE I is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations making it a versatile solution for almost any packaging requirement. Heavy duty films combined with maximum strength seals assure product integrity which passes a four foot drop test. This configuration of flexible materials and unique construction offers a 50% weight reduction in packaging materials.

Cost Effective

With the capability of up to 10-color flexo or roto printing directly on the film, expensive labeling is eliminated. This reduces the cost of production and overall pricing to the end user.

All Smart Bottles are BPA free, easy to ship and store, sturdy, ergonomic and offer full usage of contents.

Ships and
stores flat
Sturdy, stable
Easy transport
Ergonomic design
Empties completely