Smart Bottle I Facts

Facts and Features

  • Made from flexible films – BPA free
  • A 1-liter SMART BOTTLE uses 33% less material than a comparable SUP
  • Takes up to 40% less space when shipping in cubic inches
  • Allows all contents to be used–eliminates waste
  • Fills on standard bottle filler machinery whereas a SUP requires specialty equipment
  • Available in a variety of sizes—from small to large configurations 1/2 gallon to 5.28 gallons (20 liters)
  • Integral handles at the top and bottom of the bottle provides a secure grip for easy pouring of contents–even in large volume configurations

  • Storage savings of over 25 times compared to conventional rigid containers
  • Lower shipping costs when compared to unfilled, rigid bottles
  • Preprinted capability eliminates costly labeling
  • Higher fill line than standard SUP

SMART BOTTLE vs. SUP container

  • Available in heavy aluminum foil lamination which provides an excellent barrier for water vapor and oxygen
  • Better vertical stability than a standard SUP
  • Configurations with or without handle and a variety of fitments

SMART BOTTLE vs. SUP container

All Smart Bottles are BPA FREE