Machinery– Forming the Smart Bottle

Smart Bottle
Forming Machine

  • Cost effective
  • Small foot print– the 1-gallon forming machine is only 12’ x 8’
  • U.S. Patent No.# 7,147,597

Forming Machines available from the following companies.

General Packaging Equipment Co. makes a 15 and 30 per minute forming machines

Contact Mr. Robert Kelly


KRW Machinery Inc makes a 30 per minute forming machine

Contact Mr. Ken Wilkes


Smart Bottle Filling Machines run from 5 to 60 per minute.

Filling Machines are available from the following company:

General Packaging Equipment Co.

Contact Mr. Robert Kelly


ABCO Automation

Contact Mr. Ed Penny

336-375-6400 ext 236



Contact Mr. Eduardo Baldini

+55 (11) 2759-8100

+55 (11) 98384-8111

The Smart Bottle can use a puck system
to fill and cap on a regular HDPE gallon filler.

A one-gallon SMART BOTTLE forming machine is pictured here.

Ships and
stores flat
Sturdy, stable
Easy transport
Ergonomic design
Empties completely